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About Active Manufacturing

Active Manufacturing Corp. was established in 1986 in Grand Haven, Michigan by Fred Hohman. The company started with two employees in a small rented garage, a few hand presses, a mill and a wire EDM machine.

Mr. Hohman realized there was a need for larger companies to have a source for their prototypes and short production runs. Active focused to provide a fast, accurate, and cost effective alternative for this need.

Active began in the spring industry and quickly expanded into the furniture, automotive, aerospace, medical, and electronics industries across the country. In December of 2012, the company was purchased by Active’s current president, Jeff Braak and his brother-in-law, Jeff Berry. Both have been at Active for over 20 years and are Fred’s son-in-laws: keeping Active a family owned business.

Over the years, Active has developed a talent base to tackle the most simple of parts to the most complicated turnkey project.

We invite you to review our website and we look forward to adding you to our family of customers.

In 2014 Carter was added to the Active Manufacturing family when it was purchased by the current President, Jeff Berry and his brother-in-law Jeff Braak. In many situations, Carter’s standard bearings and extensive stainless bearing line can meet your needs. That’s because you can order them from stock and get them delivered exceptionally fast. Carter can also modify any of their standard, proven high precision bearings to give you the exact design features you want. Please go to for your bearing needs.

Equipment List


3 fiber lasers, 2 with 6 axis, micro cutting capabilities
2000 Watt 6 Axis CO2 Laser
2500 Watt 6 Axis CO2 Laser 


500 Watt 6 Axis YAG Laser
Micro Spot Welder
75 KVA Spot Welder (2x)
Radial Riveter (4x)

Mechanical Presses from 220 tons – 35 tons (5x)
Hydraulic Presses from 100tons – 5 tons (5x)
Servo Presses 3.5 tons (8x)
Micro Forming Servo Press (6x)
6’ Break Presses (2x)

CNC Wire Bending (up to .250 dia)
CNC Coiling (up to .100 dia)


5 axis CNC, 42K RPM, true 5 axis cutting
3 Axis CNC, 20K RPM
4 Axis CNC, 15K RPM
3 Axis CNC, 10K RPM
3 Axis CNC, 8K RPM, Pallet Changer 

CNC Lathe, 4000 RPM

Wire EDM, 4 Axis, .004” Wire (2x)
Wire EDM, 4 Axis, .010” Wire (2x)
CNC EDM Hole Shooter (.008” min. dia)

Tool Room
Band & Chop Saws (3x)
Manual Mill (4x)
Surface Grinders (2x)

CNC Vision System
Vision System
Comparator (2x)
Torsion & Compression Load Cells